Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's summer and important things are happening...

Well, hello there. Summer vacation has finally arrived at our house! HALLELUJAH!! So far some very important things have gone down…. well actually, we've been watching youtube videos of what it looks like inside your dishwasher when it's running. (I'm sure you agree this is one of life's biggest questions.)

Anyway, we came across this Mythbusters, which is pretty darn cool.  Here, take a peek...

Pretty crazy, right? Who'd of thunk it? I am a bit worried that my kids are going to try to and stick a bunch of food in the dishwasher in hopes of cooking it. I guess if they do, the next video they'll be watching is how to clean gummed up food out of your dishwasher.

Ha! This post was supposed to be about our big summer bucket lists! (OOPS!) I kind of think dishwasher lasagna deserves center stage, don't you? (SORRY!) I promise some actual content in my next post!!

Happy reading!


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