Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Here Comes Destructosaurus!

Written by Aaron Reynolds (remember Creepy Carrots?)
Illustrated by Jeremy Tankard

So, I've been meaning to post on this book for a little while, it came out in April. BUT you see (and I'm not trying to gender stereotype, my girls enjoy it) I've really been wanting to test it out on some little boys!

It just so happens the other weekend I had a captive audience of 2 year old boys!  So away we went with the mashing and crashing of DESTRUCTOSAURUS…

 I think of this as Godzilla meets the No David books. It's a giant toddler lizard crashing through the city, tearing things apart and being reprimanded-- but with a lizardy twist on those reprimands. 

When I read this to the little boys they listened curiously and then after I finished one of them said, "I think you better read it again."  It was sooo cute!  Oh, and the ending is quite clever as well…

A parent just can't win, especially the parent of a ginormous city crushing chickee….if only he was really was a helpful, responsible, giant chicken! Ha! I love that line!!

Happy destructing! 

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