Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A World of Cake

So remember how I thought it might be fun to "visit' some other countries this summer?  (Virtual visits unfortunately. But it will still be wonderful reading, learning about & eating things from other lands!)

Well I set to work finding kid friendly international cookbooks.  And I came up with this beauty...
We have all been drooling over it!  Rather than picking a country they actaully want to learn about, I think the girls are now pinking based in what country's cake looks most delicious.
Who knows, maybe we will just learn about the cakes of the world! Nothing wrong with that plan!!
Happy reading and eating!!
PS- I am dying over the Japanese cake I showed you! Apparently business men want to eat cake but feel too silly, so there is a restaurant that has made burger looking cakes and fries with frosting that looks like ketchup!! Now one can look macho and have their cake too!

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