Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What does Kate DiCamillo think we should read?

So, after my 'what should my kid read next' post last week, people have been coming out of the woodwork with ideas for me. I mean even award winning authors are reaching out to me. (Okay, yes this may be coincidental.)

Over the weekend NPR featured an interview with Kate DiCamillo (whom Lilac LOOOOOVES) and in the interview Kate gave her picks for kids 8-13! Check them out here.

We will for sure be getting Harriet the Spy! I've been meaning to find it forever!! And Under the Eggsounds intriguing and maybe mystery-ish which is always a plus in Lilac's book.

Have any of you read the others on the list? Thoughts?

And, if you've got a middle level reader looking for a good book, Lilac adored Kate Dicamillo's latest book Flora and Ulysses! He's a squirrel with super powers! How fabulous is that?? (Oh, and there's the little fact that it's a Newberry winner, that's good too! haha!!)

Happy reading!

PS- Special thanks goes to my mom for letting me know about the interview!  I would love to have heard it myself, but all my radio time has been over run by people whose souls are spiraling in frozen fractals all around & foxes who use morse code…if you know what I mean. 

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