Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's in the DISCOVERY

I never imagined what a struggle reading would be in this house.  I love reading!  I was reading to this kid in the womb… and then ALL the time for ALL of his pre-school years.  He got read to more than any other kid in this family (and they are all getting read to too) but as the first kid… there was constant reading.  So… it's been difficult for me to watch him struggle.  And to hear him say how much he HATES to read.  (It breaks my heart.)  He's headed into third grade.  And I worry.  I've been worried about things like loosing all the progress we've made this year.  AND I KNOW ITS GOING TO BE HARD TO ENFORCE READING OVER THE SUMMER!  WHAAAA!!!  Reading is fun! (He doesn't believe me when I say that, although he does enjoy being read to.)


I think I maybe have found the key to helping him discover that reading (to yourself, without being forced) is fun.  Graphic Novels.  I picked up this thick, simple one at the library last week.  Okay, Andy! by Maxwell Eaton.  My kid found it on the couch and read it and laughed, and read it again.  It was awesome!

It's tricky.  Because part of gaining a love of reading is in the DISCOVERY.   It's finding a book on your own.   It's about not being forced and not being monitored but just enjoying.  So… I'll be searching for more books like this and lying them all over the house all summer long in hopes that I can maybe trick this kid into loving reading.
PS If you've got any advice, I'd love it!

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