Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Great Lollipop Caper

I was browsing the 'new book' section last time we went to the library and this little book caught my eye.
I bet you didn't know that the lollipop and the caper were mortal enemies, did you? Guess what, the lollipop didn't know either.
Caper is super annoyed that all little children love Lollipop but won't give him a second glance. Thus he creates an evil scheme to win them over.
Alas, the plan completely tanks! Poor caper…now even the adults are against him!
Enter Lollipop to save the day (and cheer Caper up.)
It's really so silly! My kids have been loving this book! The only problem is now they want to try a caper…but not that badly, mostly they just want to eat more lollipops!

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