Friday, April 25, 2014

Stick the pages of the sticker activity book!

Yes, I know the sticker books are super mega OLD news! But, did you know some of our favorite books have their own sticker activity books?  They do!

Check out Charlie and Lola (yes, this is based on the Lauren Child stuff, not straight from her…it's still fun though, don't hate me!)

It's really great because it's a story first AND then stickers can be used to create fun scenes for Charlie and Lola to romp through!
(Plus, I'm happy to report, there are lots of sticker stories available about these two…some of the books with other activities as well, not just the stickers.)

I also found a few other bookish friends of ours that have apparently become sticker activity books.  Remember that Priddy books are some of our favorites for baby? How about an ABC sticker book from Priddy?
And we pretty much do nothing but sing praises for DK around here. This space themed book has lots of facts STUCK in it. (I'm sorry, my puns, I can't stop myself.)

Probably the thing I love most about books like this is that all the stickers have a place to go-- that isn't  the hardwood floor or bathroom mirror (or any other place you would never ever want to try to peel a sticker from.) They all go in the book! Self contained fun!

And I can verify (having recently spent nearly 40 hours in the car) these are great for car trips! Nothing to drop, spill, or melt…almost like a tiny miracle if you ask me!!

Happy Sticking!

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