Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ann Morris: Nonfiction for the Preschool Set

The fact that we love nonfiction is certainly old news, and you are also likely aware that I am a sucker for well done photo illustrations. So, if you know Ann Morris and Ken Heyman's books, you may wonder how they are just now finding their way to PP&PB…I don't have an answer for that.

(Well, scatter-brainedness actually, that might be the answer.)

Anyway, the global feel of these books, paired with the simple text-- I love it!! They are so perfect for bringing the world to little children. They showcase diversity while emphasizing that when it comes down to it, we're all alike.

I think these have kind of an old school National Geographic feel (and I found that some of them are published by Nat Geo.)  Also, it seems that some of them aren't readily available on Amazon, but check your library for sure!

Here's a look at Work...

And how about Play
I love the realness of the images. And, the text seems like it comes straight from a preschool teacher's mouth. All the books I've seen have an index in the back which tells a little about the location and happenings of each picture, PLUS a world map so kids can see where exactly in the world the photos were taken.

 And there are soooo many more! Here are a few...



Happy reading!

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