Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Cow That Laid an Egg

I sincerely hope I am not jinxing myself saying this, but I think it might be spring at my house FINALLY!!! So how about a nice barnyardy egg laying book?  Too bad, I have this one instead-- just kidding-- this IS a nice barnyardy book with a fun twist! This book is sort of a classic at our house because it's bright, silly, sweet & fun!!
Marjorie the cow feels so blah! She can't do exciting things like the other cows (you know, just your run of the mill cows doing handstands and riding bikes-- no biggie.)  So the chickens 'hatch' a crazy plan to make Marjorie feel special…
Of course this big news! Headline making, in fact!
But the other cows are suspicious. The chickens are tight-lipped and everyone is just waiting and waiting for the egg to hatch.
Then finally…
Lilac was obsessed with the book for a while and it really is quite funny! Plus the quirky art by Russell Ayto is great! I, personally, love the mouths-- when she's screaming-- so fun! You can also follow Marjorie and her baby on their other adventures in several more books! MOOOOOO!!!!!
Happy reading and hopefully happy spring!

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