Thursday, March 13, 2014

Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

Guess what friends?  It's all Star Wars all the time at our house.  And I'm not ashamed to say that I'm LOVING it.  There are so so so so so many parts of pop culture that I can not get excited about (i.e. any pop singer/ singing group) BUT, Star Wars?  Yes!  It helps that I was a fan before the boys became super fans.  Was I a super fan before?  No, just the regular type.  BUT the Star Wars Universe is HUGE and there's so much to learn.  People, I'm jumping in!  I ordered this Star Wars Character Encyclopedia two weeks ago.  AWESOME!  We've been reading it together.  (I highly recommend this book to any Star Wars fan: it's fun to read, I've learned a TON, and DK always has such great pictures.)  What about Star Wars the Clone Wars, the series of cartoons from Cartoon Network?   It's on Netflix now.  I'm watching every episode with my kids.  Can I just say, Yoda is the coolest.  I Love Yoda.  I love it all!, the original movies, the newer movies, the cartoons, the action figures, the Lego mini-figures.

Here's a FB post of mine from a few weeks ago:

Conversation with 6year old Bibs. 'Mom, I know you said Star Wars isn't real. But I've been thinking, we don't really know what there is in other galaxies so maybe, just maybe it is real. And I really want it to be.' I vividly remember telling my mom the same thing about Star Trek when I was a kid.#proudparent #nerdsarecool #dreambig

That pretty much sums it up.  What are you into lately?

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