Tuesday, March 11, 2014


So, the other weekend I sent my husband to buy a birthday present for a little friend whose party was coming up.  I went out the car to get the present in order to wrap it (because it was the kind of weekend where we had so much going on that he didn't have time to unload the stuff he bought, just to buy it…? I think it really was that kind of weekend, actually.) Anyway, I went to the car and found more than I expected.

There were these ball things, like puzzle-ish maze sort of toys. (Wow-- my English teachers would be so proud!)  I asked Lilac what that was all about and she's like, "Oh, those are some cool toys dad bought for us."

Very interesting people, very interesting indeed, my husband is pretty much the "throw it away, we have too much stuff, don't buy anymore toys" police. SO, you know if he's buying new toys and it isn't someone's birthday or Christmas that toy must be something special.
So, I'm not sure if you can really tell from the photo, but it's a ball with all these sort of ramps and tracks and obstacles inside and you have to get the silver marble through each obstacle.  (There are numbers inside that help you know which way to go.)

We have the EPIC (that's the grey and blue one) it's really hard! And the ORIGINAL (the colorful one).  The box recommends these for age 8 and up, though Rainy enjoys playing it as well and she's 6.

This thing will seriously keep big kids (and adults-- we showed it to our neighbor who is an engineer-- he didn't want to put it down) quietly occupied for a LONG time! Yes, there may be a few shouts of frustration (mostly from Lilac in our house) but they keep trying!

No one around here has made it all the way to the end of either of yet…but we haven't given up either!  We're hoping to get our hands on the ROOKIE next! There is also the TWIST, I have no idea how that one works, but it looks cool!

Happy puzzling!

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