Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Smart Girl's Guides

So, I can sense that Lilac is nearing the age in which the ideas and suggestions of her parents will begin to automatically register in her brain as infuriating or invalid or just plain dumb.  Oh boy, I'm scared of this stage…irrational adolescence….why??

Anyway,  I was at my used bookstore and I totally stumbled upon some American Girl books called: A Smart Girl's Guide Series, which I think I will now be calling the "bridge to victory in the battle of parents feeling they are not completely inadequate in the face of their daughters questions!"-- Actually, you know what, the name they came up with is better.  It does lead in with smart after all, like if you're reading it you're smart-- good move there.

(And before you ask, these are not to be confused with the novels about the girls...that are then the doll characters with the ultimate line of accessories and cool everything you could every want to play with ever. The books I'm talking about are just made by the same mega corporation because they are seriously somehow all knowing when it comes to the minds of girls…how? I don't know. I'm just glad they are making these books!)

Anyway, the friendship guide, this baby is a lifesaver. It's based around letters and questions that real girls have written in about.  It's got helpful info and cartoony illustrations and QUIZZES-- like the seventeen magazine style quizzes (if you said mostly A then… mostly B means…) I LOVED THOSE THINGS! SO MUCH!! 
Lilac is way pumped about this one and the best best part? It's someone else, other than me, giving her the advice on friend drama. She reads it, she thinks about it, she looks at it with reason and OHMYGOSH she doesn't freak out at me because of the suggestions! I love it!! This book is my new best friend!!

I also picked up the one about getting through sticky situations. I'm keeping this one on my shelf because some of the situations in this book are more the worries of older girls but I've shared a few with Lilac that a relevant for her right now (like: what if your zipper breaks, what if you flunk a test, what if you hate your new haircut, what if you don't get picked for a team, etc.)

I would actually like to get this dog one blown up and made into a poster for my front door…well just the understanding dog language part, because it's 100% true. (The American Girl people must have a secret window into dogs' minds too??) 

I think the next books from this series on my list are the manners one (I even mentioned this to Lilac who hates to have me correct her manners and she seemed cool with me getting it-- hallelujah) and the one about knowing what to say in all sorts of situations.

I would imagine these are probably available at the library if you'd rather start there. As for me,  Lilac is just the first smart girl in this house that will be benefiting from these puppies so I'm gonna have some in our home collection…heaven help me!

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