Friday, February 21, 2014

There's something about ARTHUR...

Have I written about the the Arthur books by Marc Brown? I checked and I don't think I have, but I always mean to…then I think I stop myself because everyone's heard of these, right?  But here's the thing: there is something magical about the Arthur books and 3 year olds (at least in my house.)

All of my girls have been strangely drawn to the Arthur books around age three.  I say 'strangely' because these books don't star princesses or dressing up, or silly rhymes-- all things which three year old girls adore.  They star a boy-- and he's and aardvark, not a soft cuddly bunny or cute kitten.  I'm not trying to gender profile here, I promise I'm not! We like lots of other books starting boys. LOTS! Its just such a surprise to me how much my kids love Arthur!!
You wanna know what I think it is? Relate-ability!  Seriously-- have you read an Arthur book? It's like peeking into a real family.  There's the sibling trouble, eating vegetables, chores, favorite TV shows, loose teeth and homework problems.  It's all real stuff, usually with a bit of a funny twist, but real all the same! The books feel familiar and comfortable and I'm sure that's why they are chosen to read over and over again.  What do you think?
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