Thursday, February 6, 2014

The day it was too cold to post about something real...

Greetings from the frozen tundra! I'm not kidding! It is sooooo freaking cold outside! The car said -26 degrees Fahrenheit this morning when I took the kids to school. For my Celsius friends that would be -32 for you!  AND THAT ISN'T INCLUDING WINDCHILL!!! Who invited windchill to the party anyway? GOOO AWAAYY WINDCHILL!! NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE!!

Don't get me wrong a touch of winter can be delightful. Perhaps something like this...

But at this point, I'm over it! That ^ has not be going on for a while now-- like since the first snowfall.  That's about as long as I enjoy snow. Now, it's more like this…

I would not be surprised AT ALL if I looked out my window tomorrow morning and saw that. That's what it feels like. In order to cope, I do the bear thing, aka: eating lots of calories in hopes of hibernating. This is frowned upon by the spouse and children who want dinner and clean clothes…BOO!!

But hey, things are looking up! Olympics baby!! I love the olympics! The world comes together, love games, love the athlete profiles, AND it gives me a legit excuse to be bundled up in front of the TV!  Hooray!!

Stay warm!!
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