Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Start your Engines! (a car themed play date)

Hey, we did something fun! It was 3 kids, they were all 3 years old & and they got to pretend to drive!! (Yes, they loved it!)  Here's what it looked like...
I built 3 makeshift cars from cardboard boxes. Thank you Robyn for posting some rocket ships on instagram to help me come up with my cars!!  I really wanted the kids to be able to steer so check out what I did with the steering wheel...

When the kids arrived they decorated the cars. In other words, they stickered and glued and dot painted to their little hearts' content! 
Aren't they cute?  I loved this day so much! I put ribbons on the boxes to act like suspenders so they didn't have to hold onto the boxes-- I wanted them to be able to steer!" Once the cars were finished, we played carwash….
I saw a car wash idea on pinterest (of course)-- apologies to the original site-- I can't find the pin again, but there are a varieties of ideas on this (including an awesome summer version!)

Here's my spin in a nutshell: tape streamers to the bathroom ceiling and then set up the little spot for a 'carwash attendant.'  As you can see, we added a little square of construction paper with colored dots for the attendant to press when 'selecting' the wash! I wish I would have gotten out the toy cash register too! 

(Also, I should note that my own kids were soooo disappointed to find out the streamers were not becoming a permanent fixture in the bathroom.)

Our play date also included story time in a blanket fort (you could call it a GARAGE though!) We stuck with the driving theme by reading Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the BusRattletrap Car, and Duck on a Bike! (Yes I realize that duck on a bike has nothing to do with cars, but it's still wheel based fun and also I'm pretty much obsessed with that book! So we read it!)

Oh! And remember when Robyn did her post on doing art with things that go? Those activities would be perfect for the car themed play date too! 

Happy reading!


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