Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olympics and stuff

Hey, how lame would it be if I talk about the olympics?? Here on our book blog…sorry. But seriously,  I held back last week, I just don't think I can keep it inside anymore.

What is with the completely insane new events-- people rail sliding and then spinning and grabbing & doing super freaky stuff that looks like they'll break every bone in their body if they don't land it…crazy.

I hope my children never want to become winter olympic athletes because ouch! When they go down, they go down so hard…on frozen stuff…it looks painful! But when they land, boy do they look awesome-- or sic-- or whatever the right word is??

And how about the devastation? I hate those stupid interviews after someone doesn't win the gold medal! What's the point?? Yes, they are disappointed! No, they don't want to analyze it in front of the entire world.  We all just watched the instant replay of their failure like 6 times. We don't need to know how they felt-- or what happened. WE KNOW-- they felt horrible!! It didn't go their way!! Please give them a little privacy. Seriously!

Sorry, I get a little over zealous

Okay let me see, I do have books that go with the olympics-- believe it or not!  We checked out this sort of fun and silly retelling of a Russian folktale from the library. It's called The Night it Rained Pancakes by Mirra Ginsburg, seems not to be available for purchase. (We picked it because it had pancakes in the title. You know how much we love our pancakes around here.)

The girls have also enjoyed this book by olympian Kristi Yamaguchi. (Thoughts on famous people who think they are also children's book authors…I suppose that's another post isn't it?)

Okay, happy viewing friends! Soak in the olympic glory! I love it!! It makes winter a teensy bit more tolerable, at least for me.
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