Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Munchable Valentines

So, if you've been to pinterest lately (and by lately I really mean ever-- as it seems to follow no sort of calendar) you may have seen a few thousand valentine ideas. Seriously, I saw one pin that said 25 ideas. WHAT? Who can think of 25 ideas?  I  have to save a couple ideas I thought of this year until next year in case my mind goes blank then!!

Anyway, I personally think you can make anything into a valentine. Really, just add some word play and a few hearts and your kid can give out anything they want.  Here are a few foodie examples for you…

How do you like them potato chips? I was gonna go with 'chip off the old block' but the kids just didn't get it.   Not a chip person? Craving something sweeter? Maybe rice krispie treats would suit your fancy…

If you're looking for a healthy option (because suddenly I'm like some sort of valentine infomercial) perhaps dried apples are the thing for you…

And finally, the cheesiest of all, handi snacks! (Wow! I didn't even to do that one on purpose! My puns are out of control…I better stop before I get put in the pun- itentiary-!! NOW THAT was LAME! Sorry!!)

See, anything can become a valentine! Unless you're not much for ridiculous one-liners….then I have no ideas for you, sorry.

Happy Valentine making!
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