Thursday, February 13, 2014

I-Spy Heart Quilts

 Ready for a long story short?  Little Logo had heart surgery in October.  He's the perfect baby, 100% healed.  Wonderful Polly sent him the gorgeous quilt with a blue heart in the center before surgery... WE ADORE IT!  Meanwhile a sweet neighbor baby girl is born... with a serious (worse than Baby Logo's) heart defect.  She has heart surgery.  It went well.  (It was a crazy time).  All along I'm thinking "This baby girl NEEDS her own heart quilt! She's a champion baby too!".

I contact Polly about getting I-Spy fabrics- not only does she send packs of precut I-Spy blocks she also sends this BEAUTIFUL top with the red heart!  She had it on hand and she said I could use it for our neighbor if I wanted.  All I had to do was quilt and bind.  Kitten helped me pick out some ladybugs and hearts for the back (she got a skirt out of the deal).

I haven't spent much time doing my own quilting and binding so I was a little out of my element... but I think it turned out great.  Our neighbors have since moved but I've sent the quilt to their little one in hopes they love it as we love ours.
Go check out Polly's info about I-Spy heart quilts (and all other things creative and wonderful).

A very Happy Happy Valentines to you ALL!!!            
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