Tuesday, January 7, 2014

To buy or not to buy...

Hellllllloooo! Are you still out there? We've been off enjoying vacation!!

My kids had 2 full weeks this year and it was just lovely not having to wake people up and make lunches and direct them as to what colored clothing matches and looks appropriate for wearing in public…during december…when you live on the frozen tundra.  We saw a lot of pajama wearing and unbrushed hair around these part (mom included in that group if you're wondering) and we watched ourselves AOT of Christmas movies!!

Anyway, the kids were back in school today so I headed in to my favorite place, my cool bookstore, and browsed.  In case you haven't heard me drone on about my cool bookstore before it's a local book shop that carries new and used books for cheap!! I don't know about you but I LOVE getting a deal on books-- even new books for like half price! That makes me super happy-- and who am I kidding, I DO know about you-- if you're reading this blog you like getting a deal on books too!   

Here's the thing. I'm trying to be more responsible in my book purchasing these days. I'm trying to be thoughtful and not just buy every book we like but we don't have yet.  So, I've been attempting to come up with some sort of algorithm to decide if I should buy a book.  Is that weird? (Don't answer that.)

Really though, we all kind of have a certain criteria, don't we?

It's something like-
  • how long we've been looking for it
  • is it by a favorite author or illustrator
  • something new that is completely fantastic
  • finding a hardback or 
  • settling for a paperback of something really hard to find
  • oh right-- and PRICE
What's your number one? I mean, I'm guessing price-- that's probably most of ours.  But after that what's the next category that you value the most? Are you looking for the most complete collection from a certain author or are you looking for primarily hardbacks in good shape-- even if that means your overall collection is smaller?  

As for me, I don't know right now, which means I'm still buying too many books…so I better figure out what I'm doing (or get more shelves.) 

Happy book buying!

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