Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stamp Collecting

Just before Christmas Whit composed a little post about 'What she'd really like for Christmas'... and I was right with her UNTIL she mentioned stamps.  She said she's always kicking herself that she didn't buy a lifetime worth of FOREVER stamps when they first came out.  It's very practical.  BUT, I'm not on board.  Even now, I only ever buy one book of stamps at a time because I'm always looking forward to what's going to be on the stamp of the future.  I think I gave Dax whatever it is inside of me that has a thing for stamps.

Over the holidays while prepping Christmas cards he got really enthusiastic about these cool little works of art.  SO- I saved all the envelopes from the cards we received and he started his own little collection.  Then, a day or two ago I went through a whole bunch of my correspondence from days gone by and we snipped the stamps off of of them too (like all those Liberty Bell stamps which I think were some of the very first of the FOREVER stamps... he has a TON of them).  He's been categorizing and labeling and glue-sticking and it's been pure delight!  I'm afraid with ALL OF THE HOMEWORK (picture both of us pulling our hair out) we just haven't been doing projects like we used to.  It makes me want to cry.  Well, that's a whole different post... so,

Here's to Stamp Collecting!  (And my new little philatelist, that's the fancy word for stamp collector.)   You have any cool stamps?  Send us a letter :) that would be SO COOL!
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