Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Metal Robots

Today I'm sharing one of the BEST MOST LOVED gifts we received over the holidays.  My mom gave each of my kids a box.  Each box was filled with... stuff.  They were grab baggish.  All three boxes were made with the individual child in mind.  The kids LOVED them.  Bibs got a whole bunch of little metal parts and pieces.  He was so so so so excited to FINALLY be able to make a metal robot.  (If you remember, in the past we've used recyclables to make 'robots'.)  My mom also included a bottle of Tacky Glue- it works really well, but takes time to dry... so these creations have also taken patience.  Bibs (and the other two) have been hard at work making little friends.  The first one he made has suspender clasps for wings... they actually flap!!!  How cool is that?  He made a robot with moving parts!  OH, and it has a wheel at the base.  It really is cool!  I love watching this creative process.  Good job Grandma!
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