Thursday, January 9, 2014

Meerkat Mail

So, I'm embarrassed to say that I seem to have boarded the Emily Gravett train a bit late. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!! I LOVE HER!!! Her art is EXACTLY what my favorite art looks like!! It's soft and watercolory and just sweet and wonderful!  Anyway here's our current favorite by her. It's just so so so cute…
It's about Sunny, the meerkat, who is sort of sick of hanging with all the other meerkats--up in his face all the time. Can you blame him?  But when he heads off, he of course discovers the grass isn't always greener…in fact it never seems to be greener.
Cuteness is pretty much in love with the book! While I completely adore reading to my kids, I think I love it even more when I have read them something and then later I find them sitting and reading it on their own. (Especially when they can't really read yet. Oh, it melts my heart!)
Plus do you see the adorable gimmicky postcards? And there's a sneaky jackal which my little ones love looking for.  We might have to buy this one…(surprise, surprise.)

Happy reading!!
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