Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bink & Gollie

Well friends, its' book fair week at our school and let me level with you, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the book fair. I KNOW-- I'm horrible--SORRY!

Here's the deal: I love love love the idea of buying books to raise money for my kids' school! Love it so much, I'd love to do it everyday! BUT, these are full price books and they are going home with me permanently. Perm-a-nent-lllyyy! So, I'd like to be the one making the final decision on what is purchased.

Other parents don't seem to feel this way. Why?  All the other adults just walk in and let their kid hand them whatever book and they buy it and leave. Oh, I think I have my answer. They leave, way before me and without having an argument with each of their children. Smart people!

Anyway, after an hour-ish of perusing the tables, reading through several titles, looking up summaries online, and a maybe a touch of craftiness with Cuteness' pick, we left with three books I feel okay about owning.  One of them happens to be Bink and Gollie: Two for One.
Have you heard of Bink & Gollie?  I'm not sure how I've missed them up to this point.  I mean Kate DiCamillo (She's won more than one Newberry Medal--most recently THIS YEAR! And author of Mercy Watson!) And Alison Mcghee who wrote a book that makes me cry. And such super cute art by Tony Fucile!
Sorry, I'm rambling today!  So, Bink and Gollie. There's definitely a Frog and Toad-esque feel. Plus, this whole polar opposite thing which is totally and completely adorable! In this book they go to the state fair, it's great!  There's hilariousness in the from of carnival games...
There's friendship and support (and building stages from hay...)
And, there's even a fortune teller.  Good, silly stuff!
Oh my gosh, how did I almost end the post without mentioning pickle juggling and some lady singing horribly with her cat. Ha! Awesome!!
Keep your eye out, they may be headed to a book fair near you!  And if you can make it through the sea of whining and backpacks and glaze-eyed parents maybe you'll end up taking them home!

Happy reading!  
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