Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Christmas Witch

I adore Steven Kellogg... I mean his illustrations- they just take me back to childhood.  So when I saw "The Christmas Witch" for a dollar at my thrift store I got excited.  (I'd never seen or heard of it before- but Steven Kellogg's the best.)  This is one of the LONGEST most convoluted stories ever written.  Between Madam Pestilence, Gloria, the Valdoons and The Pepperwills... really.  The funny thing, my kids LOVE this book.  They can't get enough.  My husband detests it.  Late at night, when you just want to get your kid in bed, it's the WORST to read.  The WORST.  All of that said, I do like it... do you have any books like that?
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