Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Santa's stuck on this one. Can you help him?

Hello everyone out there in parts of the world that are not experiencing winds and blizzardy snowstorms! (As I sadly am...) How are you? Did you have a nice weekend and for our American friends, a delicious Thanksgiving? I hope so!

And now I hope you are warm and cozy and ready to use your magical book loving powers because Santa is in a bit of a predicament with our 'order' this year. How you ask? Well, here's the deal. I heard that he is probably bringing these two books...

I mean, I kind of think Santa has great taste here! The new Jan Brett book?! That'll be wonderful, don't you think? And then, a classic poem illustrated by Susan Jeffers--just a lovely, lovely pick!!

So, the problem?  Three children live in this house...and that is only two books. 3 kids, 2 books-- things aren't adding up.  But, he is having a really harm time deciding on a book that would compliment these two. So, he said I could maybe ask around...get ideas from some people who are in the know.

Any thoughts? (You all would be the people in the know...in case that wasn't clear.) I think he'd like something with sort of a similar, snowy look and feel--oh! and something that can be enjoyed by all three kids.

Here are some of the possibles on his list...

A nice version of the Snow Queen might be a good pick (because we just saw Frozen over the weekend) but Santa hasn't seen enough versions in person to know of one that would be suitable for mixed ages (i.e. not too heavy on the text and not scary.)

He does know that I happen to be quite a fan of Extra Yarn. (Of course he knows, he's Santa!) And it could be a nice companion to the other two, but he wondering if he should go with something they haven't seen before.

And then finally, he was thinking about maybe a pop-up book...but he's not sure if it will be fully enjoyed... or completely destroyed.

Anyway, as we all know TIME IS TICKING AWAY and Santa needs to get with the program. So if you've got any little tidbits of advice on what you think he should pick-- these books or completely different ones--please share. I'll happily pass word to him!!

Happy reading!
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