Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Never Girls Series

Have you seen this series? I first heard about it on the Disney Channel.  My girls love all things Disney Fairy so I was intrigued. First off, I like the fact that these aren't like scripts from the Tinker Bell movies or something-- they are actual books.  The premise is so great because it combines fairy friends we already love with 4 new friends-- regular girls who accidentally end up in Never Land! My kids would go nuts for that!!

The girls, whom the fairies call 'clumsies' get to live in Pixie Hollow for a while! They learn about all the different fairy talents (there's even laundry talent fairies apparently-- I could use some help from them!!)

They also learn fairy etiquette. For example, did you know fairies don't like to be called cute?  And, they don't say sorry, it's 'I'd fly backward if I could.'

And of course the girls get to try flying! (I kid you not Lilac would be over the moon!! She asked for pixie dust for Christmas...she thinks Santa can get it because his reindeer fly...I'm in trouble.)

Anyway, if you have a fairy fanatic in your house, keep your eye out for these. They're pretty much right on track for the early chapter book crowd, I'd say probably 1st or 2nd grade. The books have illustrations every few pages and the plot line is simple and easy to follow.

 I will give you one warning though, these books are all about the cliff hanger!  We only have the first two and now I am very curious to know how things are gonna get worked out in the 3rd book! (There are 4 out right now.) So, you might want to check out a couple at a time...or the whole series.

Happy reading!
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