Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Playing favorites...

Hey, wanna hear something not at all shocking?

Of course you don't, this is 2013, we want every moment to be "the most dramatic rose ceremony yet."  I'm sorry though friends, Chris Harrison is not hosting this post, so you'll be getting random and non-shocking.

Anyway, my not shocking info? My favorite section of the bookstore is the children's book section. (SEE I TOLD YOU.)  But here's my question for you: In your favorite section--what's your favorite section...do see what I'm asking?  Let's say you're like me and your favorite section is the children's books. Now, think about that section-- what's your favorite part of that section?

Tricky right?  Depends on the bookstore a bit for me...but let's say a big well know place like Barnes & Noble...where in the kid's section do you head first?

For me, it's over to the classic fables and fairy tales.  Let me be clear here-- these are not necessarily my favorite kind of children's books-- this is just my favorite section of the bookstore to explore.  I always see something beautiful and new to me when I'm looking at the classics wall. Something like this for example....

Are you familiar with Charles Santore at all? I have his version of Snow White and it is just stunning...his drawings of Snow White, herself, are out right gorgeous!  In my brief flip through, the illustrations in this book were of the same caliber.

Just so so lovely...now I want it. A lot. Good thing Christmas is coming.

Happy browsing and book coveting!
PS- Sorry I'm kind of a tease and I only have one image from the book. I never know if the bookstore workers are going to get mad at me if I'm taking picture of the books. That happened to me at Sea World once, I was taking picture of some cool hand print art and a Sea World employee told me it wasn't allowed...so now I always feel I have to be sneaky...which I probably don't...and they probably think I look so strange when I'm trying to go about my sneakiness...oh well.

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