Tuesday, November 26, 2013


So, have you gotten your Christmas books out yet? We have---like 2 weeks ago. Lilac wanted them out the day after Halloween I think. (Honestly, she's kept a few in her secret under the bed stash all year long.)

We've also checked out 30 or more from the library. If we wait until next week they'll all be gone (because of crazy people like me, I know.) But this year I'd really like to amp up our own collection! I want some new Christmas books!!

Of course, where else would I turn than to my fellow book junkies! I thought it might be fun to find out what all of you are reading this time of year. So, Robyn and I have come up with a 12 Days of Christmas books game for instagram...

If you're on instagram, play along and tell us about your favorite Christmas books that fit under each prompt.  The game will start on December 1st and last for 12 days (obviously!!) 

Use the hashtag: 
That way we can see all the great picks with one simple search.  

Also, tag us 
so we don't miss out on any must haves!!

If you're not on instagram, sad sad day!!How about you tell us some of your favorites in comments. After the game is over, I'll try to be organized and share the titles here on the blog...and hopefully this will all be done in time for each of us to purchase a few new books!! I can't wait to see what everyone shares!!

Happy reading!!

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