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Bizarro Book Club: Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

It's that time again, BIZARRO BOOK CLUB!! Here's what went down last time. If you're new to the blog and haven't seen a bizarro post, here are the logistics:
  • We came up with a set of questions that will allow us to discuss the book without really giving anything away for those of you who haven't read it.
  • We both answer each question and we think of our answers beforehand so as not to be influenced by the other person's ideas.
  • We do have a chance for rebuttal or additional commentary after we've read what the other person wrote.
  • If you've read the book and you want to weigh in with your own answers, reactions to ours, etc. we'd love that! Surely one of these days we'll read a book that one of you have also read.
Bad Kitty Gets a Bath by Nick Bruel. 

#1- If two books had a baby and the result was this book, who would it's parents be?

Whit: Okay, this is tough. I'm gonna say it's a cross between How to Bathe Your Cat for Dummies (that is probably a real book, right?) and the Maraduke or Garfield or some other overbearing, uncooperative pet cartoon.  This is a lame answer, especially since I thought this book was sooooo funny! I should really have a better answer.

Robyn: I think it's got a similar vibe to the Wimpy Kid books (which I adore, have you read them?) and maybe Calvin and Hobbes (which is the very best comic strip ever written... if you ask me).  AND, I don't think you're answer is lame Whit, it is a 'how to' book after all!  And yes, there's an overbearing pet for sure.

Whit: Yes, Calvin and Hobbes!! Thank you! (I love that comic so much too!) And, no I haven't read wimpy kid...not really sure why...I better put it on the list!

Robyn: You're very welcome! Also, Wimpy Kid has practically become a brand (with the movies and paraphernalia) but, don't let that frighten you away, they are not just for 8-12 year old boys!  Some of the funniest books I've read!!!

#2- Who was your favorite character and why?

Whit: Hands down, the best character is Kitty when she is the 'nice dry, clean, sweet-smelling kitty!!' This page had us laughing so hard...even long after we had read the book! So funny!

Robyn: Oh!  We loved that part too!!!  And how about when Bad Kitty is pretending to be puppy?  SO FUNNY!  I guess that's what I'll say, bad kitty as puppy.

Whit: Oh, yes, Bad Kitty's expression when she is pretending to be puppy is awesome!  And what about Kitty when she has the hairball...and all the talk about the science behind hairballs! That part is awesome and disgusting and funny all at the same time! (And educational!)

Robyn: There are SO many good parts!  Oh man, what a great book.

#3- Are you a cat person or a dog person?  Why?

Whit: Hey, this is a mean question, you know all our readers are cat people and you're a cat person and I  now have to admit I'm a dog person...and the reasons one is ever going to comment on my posts again. Hello, my name is Whitney and I'm a dog person.  Here's why, kittens are adorable but cats just tolerate you, if that...dogs love you! Also this link is completely true and hilarious!

Robyn: First of all: I really didn't intentionally set this question up to OUT you as a dog person.  (But it's kinda funny how it is... and I did know what your answer was going to be...).  Secondly:  That link is HILARIOUS!  I've read it before, and it really is true!  BUT, Here's the thing, I've always since the beginning of time been a cat person.  I just adore them (even if they are indifferent to me or likely conspiring against me).  But the best part about cats in my eyes... they don't take much to care for.  Pretty self sufficient in comparison to other critters.  Dogs are WAY more work (in my experience).

Whit: Yes, dogs are way WAY more work, especially big dogs! Oh, and because this book totally brings up cat tongues, I have to say, the sand paper tongue is one of the coolest things about cats! Anyway, back to the actual discussion, I do think it's odd that you adore all cats...even those likely conspiring against you...?  I don't get that. Something may be clinically wrong with you there...actual crazy cat lady syndrome or something :) 

Robyn: I'll concur with that.  

#4- What is the one thing your pet really really hates to do?

Whit: So, I have 2 dogs: an old dog (Zoe-- no new tricks) and a new dog (Demi-- full of tricks, not like talents, but trickery.). Zoe hates to do any type of physical activity...except snatch food dangling from the hands of short children. Demi, she HATES to be without her humans! This dog, she wants to go everywhere you go--- she wants you to go everywhere she goes.  When you drive the car, she wants to be standing in your lap---and she weighs 45 pounds and wags her tail ALOT.

Robyn: Our cat's don't like lots of kid attention... which is why one of them spends her life up on the tip top of my curio cabinet (which freaks visitors out).  She's a big cat too... it's a wonder she can jump so high.  Anything to stay away from grabby hands.  It's not that she doesn't like the kids.  She really loves them when they are sleeping.  ;)  AND they both HATE the vet, really really hate.

Whit: WAIT!!! She loves when kids are sleeping because she then goes and sleeps ON their I thinking of the right cat?  If so, then that is very very funny...I figured she liked kids all the time and sleeping on top of them was just an extension of liking them? Apparently it's actually some sort of Gandhi Cat style sit in?

Robyn: Yep, that huge cat I always Instagram sleeping on top of Kitten.  She doesn't really like kids.  It is pretty ironic and funny when you think about it, isn't it?  (Oh and does it freak you out when Demi is sitting on your lap while driving?  I think that would freak me out!)

Whit: Yes, it freaks me out...but if I put her in the back she just climbs over all the rows of seats until she is next to me (or on top of me)...let's just say she doesn't get to go on many car rides!

#5-Rate this book on a scale of 1-10, 1 being a can of wet dog food 10 a triple scoop ice cream cone.

Whit: I'm really getting bad a rating things...I'm skewed!  You see, I think I rated some early bizarro stuff too high and now we've been reading stuff I really like and so I have to rate it higher because I like it more than the stuff I rated kind of high at the everyone wants to know that... So, I loved this book it was the funniest thing we've read for bizarro and it was the best pet book we've read for I think that means I have to give it a 10 doesn't it? Does that make me easy?

Robyn:  Whit!!!!  You are hilarious!  That does it.  I'm giving it a 10 too.  We LAUGHED our pants off while reading this one!  Then we borrowed all of the other Bad Kitty chapter books and read them too.  (Just so you know, this one was the best).

And there you have it! 10s all around!! What do you think?  Have you read Bad Kitty Gets a Bath?  Or, do you wish to openly mock the fact that I (Whitney) am a dog person?  Anyway, we've got our next book picked out for Bizarro if you'd like to join in...

Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George

We'll probably review this sometime in January.  It's a novel version of The Twelve Dancing Princesses (supposedly written for 7th grade and up.)  If you like fairy tales--who doesn't-- perhaps you'd like to pick up a copy and join the bizarro-ness!

Happy reading!

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