Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Will You Be for Halloween?

Have you got a Halloween plan?

Actually, what I really want to know is...

Do you pick your kids costumes or do your kids pick their own?

I always have fun plans for Halloween costumes and my ideas almost always get shot down.  They want to be what they want to be and they don't want me interfering with my great ideas.

so far this year...
I wanted Kitten to be Little Red Riding Hood, she's got her mind set on being a ballerina.  ok
I wanted Snoopy to be something NON disgusting, he's settled for a ghost.  ok
I want Bibs to be a robot (he LOVES robots) he's really resisting.  He's got all kinds of random ideas, I don't even know...

Baby Logo, now theres a kid I can dress however I want! You'll see more of his skeleton pjs (and the quilt he's laying on) later this week.
Here's a cool book I got for $1 at a library sale a few years back:
What Will You Be for Halloween? by Mark Todd.  It's filled with great ideas!  And cute/clever poems & bright colorful illustrations. We always have fun reading it!  

Good luck dressing up!  Here's hoping you're all ready for the upcoming holiday (unlike me).
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