Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Toca Mini

A while back, when talking cool apps, Vanessa mentioned TOCA BOCA games.  OHMYGOSH!  I love them.  so much.  The newest toca game, TOCA MINI, is my favorite yet.  It's the ultimate dress up your dolly game... fun for girls, boys, people of all ages (as I can attest because I really really like playing it too).  I just can't wait for the day when we own a 3D printer and can create our own mini toys... cause you know that day isn't far off, right?

You start with a little clean slate figure...
 ...then you let creativity take you wherever you desire.  SO COOL!!!!!  (I've played this game just as much as my kids.) Anyway, it came out on Oct 24th... you can see more details about the game here at the Toca site.  (Did I mention they are interactive!  They blink, sneeze, wave, giggle, twirl- so cool!)

Here are some of the lovelies we've (Snoopy, Bibs, Kitten & I) created in the past few days:

It costs $2.99.  Worth every penny.
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PS It's only available for iOS users at the moment.  Also, just so you know, I wasn't asked to review this I bought the app and am reviewing it of my own accord just because I think it's so so so cool.

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