Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Costume Parade (or the costume run around...)

Oh, Halloween is nearly upon us!  Have the costumes all been decided upon at your house?  How many trips to the store have you made in the name of Halloween indecision?  I think I've been to the Target returns desk 3 or 4 times in the last week returning costumes that have been rejected for one reason or's lovely. (Which of course means it's not at all lovely...the guy at the snack counter knows my order-- well Cuteness' order because we're there so's sad, really!)

Anyway, if you're not set for costumes yet, perhaps some inspiration would help?  Some of it is even bookish! There are people out in internet land doing cool stuff for costumes!! (And all the images belong to those creative people, who are linked of course!!)

So, let me start with the most adorable thing ever!! How much do you love this pigeon costume?? See the genius happening here. I should probably start making this now if we want to have a pigeon costume next year!!

They are doing such cute things with super hero stuff now, aren't they? I love this batman tutu from Target(I've almost bought it each time I've been at Target returning the reject costumes...but honestly we have enough tutus around here to outfit the San Francisco I'm trying to hold back.)

My friend's husband and little boy were sporting this next idea last Halloween (with her little guy simply in a brown monkey suit.) I thought it was fantastic-- here's how to make your own Man with the Yellow Hat outfit.

This is what the hubby and I will be dressing as this year! (If I do dress up, I try to find plain clothes-ish stuff because after the exhaustion of getting 3 kids dressed I just don't have it in me for a dramatic costume.)  My husband is thrilled-- he's been watching extra Big Bang Theory so he can get into character!!

And how about a classic cardboard box costume--this is wonderful!!! Love it sooo much! Again-- effort has been made here people! This parent rocks!!

Is it bad that now that our costumes are decided, I've already mentally moved onto Christmas--- I like to think I'm ahead of the game (which of course I'm not because thinking about Christmas and actually preparing for Christmas are two totally different things!!)
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