Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mustache Baby!

Well hello there, Whitalics here! Have you heard about Mustache Baby?  It is a seriously funny and adorable book that we both love!!  Robyn received it as a baby gift and upon her recommendation I gave it as a gift.  Let me just tell you, SMASH HIT!! (Do you concur Robyn?)

YES!!!  We love it SO SO SO MUCH!  My awesome NY sister sent it for little Logo.  The first time we read it we were all in fits of laughter.  (The ending... oh the ending)

Mustache Baby stars little Billy who, you guessed it, is born with a mustache...

But the question weighing on everyone's mind is will he have a good guy mustache?

Or or will it curl up on the ends and become a bad guy mustache?

I'm not telling...but it's super punny and hilarious! The different personas his mustache takes on are awesome!  All my girls loved this book! (We're probably going the end up owning it-- my husband is already on 'where did those new books come from' alert, but we're still probably going to own it.)

Just get a copy, it's inevitable.

And I guarantee that it will be showing up at many a little boy baby shower and first birthday from me!! Especially since I found the perfect thing to go with it!
Also, I just gotta say... isn't it funny how mustaches are the hip thing nowadays?  Totally cracks me up!  What's next?  Who knows?  (I realize that made me sound like a old lady.)

I guess I'm an old lady too because I think it's a completely strange trend...mustaches...who would have thought?? But I will say I'm glad it led to the creation of this book!

Happy mustaching everyone! 
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