Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Learning to tie shoes

Have you ever seen those 'learning to tie shoes' thingamabobs? Melissa and Doug make one that looks like a wooden shoe, do you know it?  Well awhile back I was at my cool bookstore and I saw something similar (The Zoo's Shoes: Learn to Tie Your Shoelaces!)...for $6.00.

I knew Rainy was about ready for this, so I picked it because I remember with Lilac, learning to tie her shoes was a bit tricky...I thought maybe a new approach might be nice this time. And, last week we had a chance to try it out.

As you can see it's a book that looks like a shoe and its got ALOT of sets of laces to practice tying.
When I heard Lilac giving Rainy shoe tying tips during a car ride I decided to pull this little book out and see how it worked.

Talk about all around excitement! Above you see Cuteness testing it out. Though she hasn't mastered tying, this book-- or toy--whichever, is bright and colorful, and there's a simple rhymy story too! (I will make rhymy become a real word...just gotta keep using it!) She likes reading it to herself and practicing her loops.

And guess what, Rainy loves it too! PLUS, she learned to tie her shoes in one afternoon!
She her happy face up there? We went through it together once and then she sat down a practiced with the laces and she had it figured out before dinner time!

Seriously, I was thrilled! (Mastering shoe tying is always a better plan than my alternative...finding velcro shoes until my kids are like 15.)  I think the trick is the different colored laces, it's much easier to tell which needs to cross over or under when both strings aren't the same color.

Happy tying!
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