Thursday, October 31, 2013

Haunted Houses, a Little Ghost Party & the Best Halloween Song Ever!!

Thank you internet for the pumpkin ideas! Unfortunately, I think we carved Cinderella too early---I'm not sure she'll actually be looking her best for the ball...she'll probably be a plain old pumpkin before midnight. Oops!

Here's a few Halloween-ish things we've been enjoying...
We read this book and made ourselves some haunted houses (AKA gingerbread houses for Halloween)  . The scariest part-- that I dumbly sugared up 3 four year olds the day BEFORE Halloween?? Yep it was a frosting fest-- fun, but a frosting fest!

Also, we've been enjoying this little activity book from Abrams! It's a very cool idea! You shake and wiggle and the little chain moves all around! It's fun and really a clever idea for a book! I couldn't get good picture of the movement, but here's a video.

Oh! And speaking of videos-- I finally found a video of my most favorite Halloween song from childhood! So, you all get to watch it!!

Was that obnoxious? Sorry. We sang this every year in music! And you know how Halloween is always a spelling word in October? Well during the spelling test everyone would be humming this song to get the spelling right!


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