Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gus on the Go: a language learning app!!

I don't know about your kids, but around here the small people are big fans of APPS!  I mean on my phone alone my kids can slice fruit, touch butterflies, color, make cookies, do princesses' get the drift.

So, I'm always happy to find a new app that does more just than keep the kids quiet while we're in a waiting room.  It's nice to find one that's fun BUT also teaches something.  You know--I'm talking about an app you don't feel guilty letting the kids play!!

Guess what, I have one of those 'not feeling guilty' apps to tell you about right now. It's called Gus on the Go and it's designed to help kids learn a new language-- how cool is that?

Before I tell you about the app, I have to say I think this app exists for the best of reasons!! It's all about two people who wanted their children to be part of a global community!! They wanted their little ones to feel more connected by being able to speak the ethnic language of their own families.  With so many companies marketing just totally crazy, random, and often disappointing stuff for kids, Gus on the Go is a breath of fresh air helping create little world citizens who will become tomorrow's leaders. I, for one, think that is pretty fantastic!!

So, the app: Gus begins by taking kids through different sets of vocabulary words.  It's got everything: farm animals, food, numbers, clothing items, colors, body parts & the list goes on!  I have the Spanish version. All the word pronunciations are nice and clear and the art is bright and fun with lots of movement.
After you (or your child) learn the words in each section, there are games to reinforce the learning. And we're talking actually fun games, not trick games like when you race your kid to see who cleans up faster. These are things like blowing bubbles and popping balloons and whack-a-mole...
Because my photos probably aren't doing it justice, here's a little video link.  Other cool things I've learned?
  • Gus on the Go is currently available in 15 languages and they aren't stopping there!
  • You can get it for iOS devices at the app store and now, thanks to Google Play (I have no idea what that is) and Amazon Gus on the Go is available for android users too!
  • Educators who would like to use Gus in the classroom can get 50% OFF when they purchase through Apple's Volume Purchase Program!
Oh! and I must tell you about the free printables! I think they look seriously cute!! And you can print and enjoy them even if you don't have a device to play I mean learn with!
PLUS!! Extra super exciting fun bonus!!! We have 5 downloads of the Spanish iOS version to give away!!! Yes, I'm pretty happy about this because the awesome people over at Gus and Go just emailed me and offered these up! HOW COOL AND GENEROUS IS THAT??

Sooo, we'll be doing some giving people!! Watch Facebook and Instagram for chances to win!! It's gonna be fun!  And if you want to find out more about Gus, check out the website, or find them on Facebook!

Felix lectura y Adios!   
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