Thursday, October 10, 2013

Flip-a-Word: books for the earliest of readers

So, I've been kind of torn about whether or not to post these books because they aren't like the coolest, prettiest, award winning stories (they aren't really even stories) BUT they fit a need we were having in this maybe one of you might need them too??
Ever since Rainy (5 years old) started to have some success with sounding out complete words I've been on the look out for books she can read...all on her own. She sees Lilac (age 9) read alone all the time and I can tell that she wants to be able to pick things up and read by herself too. But, I have had the hardest time finding books that she can read every word in, until now!
I found these books completely randomly at the library. They are based on groups of word families, enhanced by cut-outs for the text and art.  The pictures are big and cartoony.  They begin with one word at a time...flip the page and the cut out from that word becomes another word...
And then they combine the words in silly ways to make easily readable phrases...
For some reason I feel compelled to tell you that NO, these are not the only books we are reading but these have been very nice because she can read it-- it's a real actual  book, from the library.

It is a learning tool, but it seems more fun and exciting than some of the other super basic readers (like the BOB books which we also have but aren't quite as exciting, you know?)
I found two at the library: Wet Pet and Pig Wig (the ones on Amazon seem to be reprints and include Harriet Ziefert as an author??) Anyway after looking around online a bit I found there are LOTS of books in the Flip-a-Word Series. I think we'll be looking for more versions on our next library visit. I have no idea if any of you even need to know any of this...?

Randomness as always!
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