Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Book Or Treat! (A Trio of Halloween Books!)

That's not a great title-- because to be honest if people were giving out books on Halloween that would completely be a treat and I'd be right there ringing the doorbell with my kids!!
Anyway,  I'm gonna tell you about a few fun Halloween books we've enjoyed this year. You've got a week-- maybe if you are totally organized and you've bought the candy and prepped all the costumes and carved the pumpkins and organized the school Halloween treats and done the secret boo thing to your neighbors---WELL let me be honest, if you've done all that YOU DESERVE A MEDAL!! Anyway, whether you've done all that or not, maybe you'll still be able find one of these books to read with the kiddos.

Frankie Stein is probably Cuteness' favorite Halloween book we've read this year. Frankie is the baby of Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Stein.  While the Steins adore their little boy, he just isn't scary.  So they try to make him look scary and act scary and the teach him about his scary heritage...but after all that Frankie realizes he has to go his own way.  Guess what? It turns out to be the scariest thing his parents have ever seen!! (And, don't worry, it's actually not the least bit scary, but cute and funny to the reader!)

Boris and Bella is a fun twist on the classic opposites attract story. Bella is a gross and grimy mess, while Boris is a monster of a neat freak!  They can't stand one another. At all. But when they finally come together, they discover what a great pair they can be! (Total MOM BONUS for me: I have a neat freak and a mess maker that share a room--and I found a Halloween book that encourages them to get over it! Now that's a treat!!)

The Hallo-wiener is actually a book we discovered last year, but I didn't get a chance to post on it!! It's about this dachshund (aka wiener dog) named Oscar who is always teased by the other dogs, worst of all on Halloween, when his mom makes him dress as a hot dog!! But Oscar ends up saving the might say he's a knight in shining armour hot dogs! (Okay, I made that  joke up, but this book is full of hot dog buns, I mean puns!! I know, I know, I'm not funny!)

Happy reading and good luck with the Halloween prep!!
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