Thursday, October 17, 2013

'A Gift for Baby' or 'the Determined 5 Year Old'

Have you noticed how every kid is different?  Bibs for instance is a very determined child.  Earlier this year he started sewing with his Nana Jan.  Those little sewing sessions turned into his insistence that he make a quilt for his new baby brother.

Tips for sewing with a kid:

1: Work Together.  A new learner needs a lot of help.  Though he did cut out a few blocks on his own I did the majority of the cutting.  He did run the sewing machine, but I was always by his side, often keeping the fabric straight.  We both did a fair amount of ironing.  I took care of the pinning.

2: Give them freedom of fabric choice.  Why not?  Bibs chose all of the fabrics and how they went together.  First in blocks and then as a quilt.  This wasn't always easy for me, but I'm glad I let him do it.  A kid has a very different style of what 'matches' than an adult.  Often times he chose based on pattern (i.e. two polka dot fabrics should go together, or two fish prints) sometimes he liked to put the same colors together.   It was fun to see his sense of style come through.

3: Take the time to make something that will last.  I'm so glad he wanted to do this project.  This quilt will be around forever and it's such a teriffic accomplishment!  BUT not every kid has the ability to stick to such an intense project as this (my 8 year old has shown no interest in making one yet).  You've just got to follow your kids interests!
When all was said and done rather than quilting it ourselves we opted to get it machine quilted.  Here's the finished product right after Bibs gave it to his new little baby brother.
And here you see little Logo in his Halloween attire.  (I've been letting him wear it all month!)
My good friend Michelle also sews, she wrote a lovely post about sewing with her sweet daughter earlier this year.  What she said about the wonderful feeling she gets from passing on the skill of sewing to her own child just as her mother and grandmother did in years past.  I feel the same way!  I feel very connected to my roots when I sew, and to see my own children interested in learning this skill is wonderful indeed!
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