Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Puff Ball Pick Up

I really don't know how idea for this activity came about. I think it was a combination of seeing something with tongs on pinterest and saving a billion bottle caps in my garage. Anyway, here's something fun for little fingers...
It's really quite simple.  I just cut some colored circles of construction paper and glued them on to cardboard. Next I hot glued bottle tops on the center of each circle and the game boards were ready!
Add the puff balls and tongs and you will have a great little game for tots!  These tongs came in a 4 pack at the dollar store (in the catering section-- which I didn't know even existed at the dollar store.)
Cuteness is demoing things for you here, but I took a bunch of these boards to share with a group of 2 and 3 years olds and they loved it! They were way into putting those puff balls in the bottle tops-- one little girl squished 2 or 3 balls in each.  (Also, a couple sets of tongs did not make it through the group activity, but no worries, it turns out you can have fun doing this with your fingers too!)
As usual, there are a million ways to change this up, depending on what you want to practice. I was originally just thinking about small motor stuff and colors here-- with a few patterns as a bonus. But really, you could do anything. For example, it might be fun to glue the bottle tops so they formed letters or shapes. Or, you could start a pattern with circles and glue the bottle tops after to continue the pattern
Here's another counting version we tried...
And see, you don't even need the bottle tops (though they do keep the puff balls in place nicely.)

Sometimes its just nice to have something different for little hands to do-- and puff balls are always floating around, am I right? Why not make use of them before the dog eats them all? (That really does seem to be a problem in our house...I guess puff balls really hit the spot after you've eaten all the Barbie hands and feet! My dog is crazy!)

Happy puff ball pickin'
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