Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spice up the Spelling Practice

Well hello again! Welcome back to Whitney's random idea corner (which is basically what my posts have become. Sorry!) 

So, the other day Lilac had an interesting assignment: create your own spelling packet. Basically the idea was to choose different ways to practice the spelling words.  She did a few of the suggested ideas and then we came up with something that was actually fun and easy!

Behold the Bananagrams spelling word practice game! (I suppose I'm using the word 'game' pretty loosely there. Listen, it's not a worksheet and it helps you learn spelling words. That's a game, right?)
Anyway, it's really simple! Lilac just used the tiles to create each spelling word and connect them in a crossword sort of pattern.  While she was doing it I was thinking, "This is soooooo much less painful than a spelling worksheet! And, she's really looking at the letters in each word to figure out how to connect other words into the design!"

I think this could be a fantastic option for a lot of learners! In order to document the work we just took a picture of the finished product, printed it up on the computer, and attached it to her assignment.  We will definitely be breaking the tiles out again for spelling!
And of course, in my house, activities have to be functional for a variety of ages, so when Lilac was finished Rainy sat down to the tiles and made herself a 'roller coaster alphabet.' (It looks like a roller coaster, I think.)

 It was very good practice for her to pick out the letters in alphabetical order from the big, random pile. In fact, she enjoyed it enough to sound out and spell a few words of her own. Let's be honest, anytime I can get my energetic 5 year old to sit down and willingly spell stuff, I consider that a victory!

Happy spelling!
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PS- Obviously scrabble tiles would work awesome too, or any pieces where you have multiples of each  letter.

PPS- Did you notice Rainy's alphabet? LMNOP is really messing her up these days! You know why?  I just found out that she thought the alphabet song went: A B C D E F G,  H I J K M little P! 
Yes, M little P--because little P needs it's own place in the alphabet...we obviously need to sing the song a tad slower.....?

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