Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shiver Me Timbers!

I be afraid tis 'talk like a pirate day' this very day- and here be me completely unprepared!  I should likely walk the plank for such treason.  Well me hearties, since I won't be sharin' any new treasure with ya today... I'll send you scurvy dogs back to years past.

Here you'll find real gem from 'One-Eyed Whit' (that be one of me favorite all time books right thar!)

And if ya don't remember, just last year I (Ruthless Robyn) went above and beyond the common piratical duties to bring you a jolly good list.  I suggest you take time from the drudgery of yer day to peruse it.

I leave ya with a picture of me little matey out flying the Jolly Roger earlier this year...
And me hopes that all of me favorite pirates and land lubbers alike have the best 'talk like a pirate day' that ya possibly can!  Here's to no mutineers and very few bilge rats in yer day!
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