Thursday, September 5, 2013

Paper Bells

It all started when I realized little Logo (2 months old) needed a mobile.  The one I used for the big kids got completely trashed.  I spent some time on amazon looking at mobiles, and ordered one.  In the mean time... Snoopy decided to make him one (why hadn't I thought of that?).  Then little brother Bibs made one too.  I like the mobiles they made better than the one I bought.
They found the idea in My First Origami Book (35 papercrafting projects for children aged 7 years old +).  About this book?  Its fabulous!  Have you spent much time with origami books?  Some are terrible.  Not this one!  The instructions are very well done, accompanied by great photos and illustrations.

For the bells they simply cut out 8 bell shapes of the same size and shape.  Then they folded each bell in half and glued the halfs to each other... 

okay okay, now we know I should never go into making instructional crafting books...

anyway, here's how they turned out!

And as you can see, they're cooler than the mobile I bought.  (I hung them to the side of the crib though, I didn't want them falling apart or down on Logo.) Happy baby, happy kids, happy mama.
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