Thursday, September 26, 2013

I lost my train of thought...

What does that expression really mean anyway? Can you really lose a train? And is thought really even like a train? That suggests it moves at a rapid pace in a clear and focused direction.

My thoughts sometimes do move quickly, but they rarely move in a clear and focused direction...its more like a blindfolded child hitting a piñata-- the ideas wonder around swinging blindly at stuff and every now and then they strike gold.

So, I guess I lost my 'blindfolded child hitting a piñata' of thought.

Anyway, now that we've cleared that up! Here's some stuff I totally wasn't planning to post, but stumbled upon and thought I'd share.

Have you seen this website? The Literary Gift Company specializes in items that are geared toward book lovers, writers, and readers...

Please excuse the crappy photo, but I think these grammar mugs are pretty funny in an English teacher humor sort of way. (Is there such thing as that?) They need to make a your and you're version as well. 

This is a brooch from book pages! They have a whole section of things made from books. (I actually have a whole 'nother blindfolded child hitting a pinata of thought on things made from I'll spare you today!)

They have this fun wrapping paper! (Which I cannot seem to get a good image of to show you!) 

And these children's lit postcards would be so great to get in the mail, I think!

There is sooooo much other stuff on the site: clothing, book stands, puzzles, tote bags, even books.  I rather enjoyed browsing there! It's fun...if you're a book nerd...which you probably are if you're reading our blog.

Happy reading! 
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