Tuesday, September 17, 2013

homework (sigh)

A couple weeks into school and the battle is going on FULL SWING at our house.  Homework has been painful.  Here's a list of reasons why...

  • What time should we do it?  Right after school?  But the kids are exhausted... so I feel like they need a little break, but then if I let them go it's hard to rein them back in again before dinner.  After dinner?  At that point they see their night slipping away from them...
  • The amount, with the beginning of 2nd grade we've seen a noticeable increase in nightly homework.  There's just SO MUCH to get done.
  • Attitude.  My oldest thinks homework is the worst.  He moans and groans.
  • The littler ones.  While Snoopy is doing his 2nd grade homework (which has been taking FOREVER) he feels completely shafted if his little brother and sister are doing anything remotely desirable to him.  LIFE ISN"T FAIR!
  • The whining.  I told Whitney it's been taking us 60-90 minutes a night to finish Snoopy's homework.  I'm convinced that's at least twice as long as it should take.  It's all that whining, complaining and dragging of feet that's taking so long.
So, we're going to try something new!

I had each of the kids write a list of things they would like to do.  The lists include things like 'go to a favorite park', 'get ice cream', 'go to a movie'- you get the idea.  Then they put the lists on tin cans and decorated.

This also means (hopefully) all three kids will be working on some type of 'homework' project at the same time.  (And Snoopy won't feel so jealous of their freedom.)

Now, each time they fully cooperate when it comes to homework they get to put 3 marbles in their can. Every time they complain or drag their feet... they loose a marble.  So, at the end of homework they'll get 3, 2, 1 or 0 marbles.  When the can is filled to the top they get to choose something from their list to do.

We've only been using this system for a couple of days, so far- so good.  I'm hopeful.

Please tell me what works in your house?  I need all the advice I can get!!!
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