Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A while ago we made a cake with Karma Wilson...

Okay, so it wasn't technically with Karma Wilson-- how cool would that have been?! It was with one of her books...Whopper Cake! Do you know it?
In the book it's grandma's birthday so grandpa is making the cake...a huge cake...you might even say it's a whopper cake. (Okay, you would say that!) He puts the batter in his truck bed and stirs it with an oar and frosts it with shovels, lots of fun stuff like that!
Anyway, the book has a recipe for whopper cake in the back and 'someone' in this house with more gumption that me wanted to make one...and convinced me to do it (you know, since it involved a hot oven and stuff.)

It was really fun actually! (We baked a lot this summer because I'm dumb and I like the AC to be running constantly!!) Anyway, there was some serious excitement, let me tell you! And lots of helpful little hands!!
We may not have made ours in a truck bed, but we did have a 5 year old sifter & a 9 year old egg cracker & a 3 year old stirrer...it was perfect!
Oh! And we used sprinkles, which Grandpa did not. (I mean how could he have gotten sprinkles on his cake anyway?)
And then, we ate it! I love when picture books have a recipe included, don't you?
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