Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's for Lunch: How School Children Eat Around the World

Hey all,  I found this book at the library and besides the fact that it's just plain nonfiction coolness, I thought it was the perfect thing to share with our Happy Happy Lunch Box theme this week!  

Did you guys see Michelle's post yesterday? Very good ideas and lots of helpful stuff for the picky eaters in my house! And remember to hop over to Julia's Bookbag today for some beatutimous bentos!! Speaking of bentos, the book I found shows lunches from all over the globe....

So, I'm a nerd, but I think this book is pretty darn cool!   It's one of those great nonfiction books where you can read as much or as little as your child can sit though and you'll still learn something new! I mean the photos alone-- they tell a fascinating story!

And besides just looking at lunch foods in each country, the book talks about the school day, nutrition trends and cultural traditions.  I found it pretty much 100% fascinating! Its definitely a global perspective I've never seen before!  Also, some of the stuff looked really really tasty (though not all of it looked as tasty after I read what it actually was. You been warned.)
PS- Remember in all your  hopping to go see Danzel tomorrow! She's gonna have more lunch ideas!

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