Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Zoo Born Series & Vacationing w/ Books (part 2)

Remember I once asked if your books get to go on vacation?  In that post I told you I had more thoughts about books and vacations? Well, it had to do with these...

I first saw the Zoo Born books a few years ago when I visited the San Diego Zoo.  Sadly I didn't  buy one at the time and I've kind of been kicking myself ever since.  It was on that vacation-- well probably just after that vacation that I created a new souvenir motto:

When you visit a place, buy a book that reminds you of it! 

I mean people bring home magnets and bumper stickers and syrup and spoons and stuff animals (oh the stuff animals!!!) all of which get lost or eaten or broken, etc.  

Why not bring home a book instead?  A book is a perfect reminder of a trip (and you won't have to wash it or make pancakes to put it on or find a place on the already stuffed animal laden bed to store it!!)  Any souvenir shop I've ever been to also has a selection of kids books that revolve around the town or event or cultural experience you've JUST enjoyed!  Pick one up! 

Seriously, do it on the trip because when you get home you suddenly won't have a logical reason to buy a book about that place. (And then your husband might be like 'Did you buy that? Why are you getting it now? We already went there. We have a lot of books, don't we? Actually, my husband never says we have too many books, at least not to my face. Smart man!!) 

Anyway, though I've seen the Zoo Borns books around a bit, visiting the zoo really felt like the time to buy them. Lucky for me, this summer we had a fantastic zoo visit in Utah.

On our way out of the zoo we picked up some of the Zoo Born books!! We got more than one because my kids are getting wise to the fact that I can resist most any 'mommy can we please buy this' request unless it involves a book. That's when I usually cave.

We have the board book (which also comes in picture book version)...

And two of the small thick hardcover books: ZooBorns and ZooBorns The Next Generation.

I love the photos!! They are the cutest and most fantastic baby animal close ups!! The thicker books are pretty long but my 5 year old loves her copy and is more that happy to hear about a just few of the animals each time she sits down with us to read it.

I have also seen a version that features just Cats and I just found out about an ABC book--- I might have to get that one without visiting the zoo...eventually I'd love to own the whole series!!

Also, I just thought of one flaw to my logic...stuff is usually more expensive at souvenir shops SO maybe you can get more books for your buck I mean more BANG for your buck if you buy when you get home. Hmmmm, I'm torn. What do you think?
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