Wednesday, August 7, 2013

summer learning fun: squirt the letter game

I don't know how August feels in your house, but around here it makes school seem awfully close! Maybe too close! You see, this school year is a big one because Rainy is headed to kindergarten!  It's craziness really! I can't even believe it!

Anyway, this summer I've been trying to do a little extra kindergarten learning stuff to help keep things fresh in Rainy's mind.  I was going to call it kindergarten boot camp but its really not that at all! In fact, I would say its about the furthest thing ever from boot camp. It's light and fun and not intense in the least bit!  It looks a little like this...

I picked up some water squirters at the beginning of the summer and the kids have loved filling them with water and spraying anything in sight!  Almost immediately after buying them I was like, 'hmmm they need something to aim at' (besides each other and the dogs) and so this game was born!

The idea is so simple! I just wrote like ten or twelve letters, forming the shape of a circle and the kid standing inside the circle sprays water on whichever letter I call out on their turn!

The kids loved it! And it's easy to modify for any age (Lilac even played. I just had her find a vowel or find the 5th letter of the alphabet, etc.) You could do sounds as well!

Since they had some much fun, after all the letters were squirted we made a number one!  You could  do a color one, a shape one, sight words...

...squirt the animals, days of the week, months of the year, find your name... etc.  I mean as long as you can write or draw something in chalk it will work for this game!

Happy water squirting!!

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Oh, by the way,you can find the squirters all over, but if for some reason they're sold out, anything that squirts water would work (turkey baster, empty plastic bottle, a cup would even do the job-- you could just throw the water on the letters.)

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