Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Happy Lunch Box Hop!

Hi kids! This week we're doing something new! (Or at least new to us.) We're joining in a blog hop! You see, one day Michelle (from Needle and Nest) and I got into a discussion in the comments section about our picky eaters and making them lunch.

Michelle was like, "Maybe in the fall we should do a lunch idea blog hop." So guess what? She organized it--thank you Michelle--and we're doing it!! Welcome to the...

This week we're gonna be working with 3 other blogs to bring you all sorts of school lunch ideas so your kiddos have a happy happy lunch box!! Here's the schedule...

Tuesday you'll find new ideas at 
Needle and Nest with Michelle!

Wednesday Melissa's got the ball
 over at Julias Bookbag!

Thursday Danzel joins the party from
Silver Shoes & Rabbit Holes! 

And Friday hop back over here for some
Pen Pals & Picture Books kind of fun!

So dust off those lunch boxes and get ready to try something new! It should be a enjoyable and (hopefully) helpful week!  I'm excited at least!! Here's to a happy happy lunch box, which I think equals a happy happy mommy!   

Happy! Happy! 
(I can't stop saying it!!)

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